Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tracfone Triple Summary LG LG800G Bundle with 1200 Summary and One Year of Benefit! (Tracfone)

# Tracfone Service
# Car Mount and Gels Skins Also Built-in
# Touchscreen
# 1200 Minutes and Lone Time of Service Built-in (Minutes already tripled)
# Triple Minutes pro Go

Extra in Package. Includes Lone Time of Service, 1200 Minutes, and Triple Minutes pro Go.

Service Fund: TracFone
Buzz Type: Bar Buzz
Mission Features: Phonebook, Call Forwarding, Call Coming up
Telecommunication Features: Caller ID, Voice E-mail, Outdoor Caller ID Cover
Spectacle Features: Color Spectacle
Talk Time: Up to 4 hours
Standby Time: Up to 170 hours
Most Resolution: 640 x 480
Built-In Digital Camera: No problem
Megapixels: 2.0 Megapixels
Record Resolution: No Built-In Record Recorder
GPS Enabled: No problem
Built-In Memory Storage Room: 20MB
Media Type Compatibility: SD Card
Data Capabilities: Mess Browsing
Wireless Frequency/Band: 800/1900 MHz
Wireless Equipment: GSM
Messaging Capabilities: MMS
Second Messaging: No
File Formats Supported: MP3
Partaking Method: Touchscreen
Array Section Type: Lithium-ion
Includes: Array Mount
Dimensions: 4.06"L x 0.47 cm. W x 0.23 cm. T
Weight: 2.24 Oz.

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