Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30pcs/lot R-sim6 ,R-sim 6, Rsim 6 ,R-sim 6 Unlock Ticket Rsim 6 for Iphone 5 Ios 6.1,6.01 Cash off

# R SIM 6

1.Unlock your prudent and signal-iphone 5 basically,gsm + wcdma lacking jailbreak.
2.Adpot the most established and the most energy water supply-methodical microcontroller ic-f981
3.Equiped the perfect alloy ticket slot enthusiastically(the ticket slot is of only one of its kind design.the dance in the median is
redesigned on the first so it can deposit in any SIM ticket lacking sanding).
Annotation:We had tried the first ticket slot in the R-SIM6,deposit SIM ticket and the so-called watered-down-coat ticket stickers
in the first ticket slot,save pro 75% of the Sim cards lacking sanding are a modest forceful even cannot be inserted.
if you enlarge the ticket sticker,it's not fitable(ticket sticker weights 10G+normal lone NANO SIM ticket 10G,which is
additional than 20G of the nano sim ticket pro iphone5.More than 10G can be calculated accurately.20G is absolutely
ill-assorted).So the R-SIM6 uses the bespoke ticket slot.
4.Simplified surgical course of action procedures,including choosing the operators,you can push to not effective the iphone frankly.It
was built-in multi-inhabitant carriers.
5.Golden-haired, black,.

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