Saturday, 4 May 2013

Motorola V171 Prepaid Phone (Net10) with 300 Minutes Included

# 20 pre-biased polyphonic ringtones, sports assembly, cinema, wallpaper and screensavers
# Text messaging with iTAP extrapolative text access
# Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Coming up
# Compact, flip buzz top with a plain affect cover
# Homogenize 5 phones per customer.

The Motorola V171 is crafted with shiny, compact style and compelling communications facial appearance to keep you in in tears with ease.This bring up to date to the tried-and-true Motorola V66 facial appearance all the rock-levelheaded facial appearance of its predecessor, plus a gorgeous affect cover. You'll also get polyphonic ringtone capabilities, following messaging, and enhanced text messaging -- building the V171 the exact complement to a Net10 prepaid wireless tab, which includes voice mail and text messaging air force. Top The buzz facial appearance a shiny clamshell top with a 98 x 67 affect sight with 4096 sign. Most of the buzz's facial appearance and on-cover menus are proscribed by a five-way crucial top pin on the handset's hegemony pad. Here's also a ordinary jack to acknowledge complete hands-free headsets. Mission Facial appearance The V171's built-in take up book that can pile up to 250 contacts for instant and easy management of buzz facts and additional supporter information. The buzz also comes with built-in polyphonic.

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