Sunday, 14 April 2013

Micro SIM Card Adapter / for Htc cell buzz Fast Shipping

Micro SIM Card Adapter / for Htc cell buzz . This Micro SIM Card Adapter / Convertor is for you to easily chat a Micro SIM card to a fixed SIM Card in an easy way.FEATURES: Converts micro SIM card to SIM or chat SIM to micro SIM card. Changes your Micro SIM which can only be used in an only one of its kind contrivance to a full sized SIM which can work in any buzz, mainframe or cleverness that has a SIM card slot. Can also cut a fixed sized SIM card to be the size of a Micro SIM card and use it in the contrivance like iPad or iPhone 4G. SPECIFICATIONS: Manufactured goods consequence: 0.1 ozItem affect: WhiteINSTRUCTIONS: *How to make a Micro SIM from fixed SIM card1. Paste the label with dotted line on the back of your fixed SIM card2. Cut your SIM card by the side of the dotted line to get a ordinary micro SIM card3. This micro SIM card can be used in your iPad and iPhone 4*How to renovate your fixed SIM card1. Paste the rest label on the adapter2. Slot in the micro SIM card into the adapter3. Your fixed.

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