Saturday, 23 March 2013

Jitterbug Positive Cell Buzz (Red)

# Easy to steer with austere ?YES? or ?NO? buttons
# Powered by one of the nation's leading and most trusty wireless networks
# One-in tears access to an Machinist, who can help manage your Calendar or Phone Book
# Backlit keypad with larger buttons and a bright affect cover
# 24/7 US-Based Consumer Benefit for no additional fees

Cell phones today have be converted into more difficult to see and harder to hear. They have many features you may by no means use. So when we redesigned the Jitterbug, the first easy-to-use cell phone, we combined a sleek look with kind features, innovative apps and services, and the simplicity you’ve come to expect.The all-new Jitterbug Plus makes staying collectively easier than ever. Navigating the menu functions is intuitive with “YES” or “NO” buttons, a backlit keypad and big, legible numbers. Even as the superior lecturer ensures your conversations will be loud and apparent. Most cell phones need to be revived nearly every day. That’s why the Jitterbug Plus comes with one of the longest lasting batteries on the promote – up to 25 days of defend time – so you won’t have to agonize about running out of power. You’ll also take pleasure in the simplicity of the phone’s new photo sharing capability. With the Jitterbug Plus, here’s no need for pad cords or complicated.

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